The importance of a dining room table.

Times have changed

In this generation we are living in a very fast paced world and valuable time with family is hard to find. With a large amount of families now having both parents working full-time, finding the time to connect with each other can be challenging. For many generations the family dinner table has played an important part in family bonding and will continue to do so for many more to come. Giving us the chance to slow down and spend some time together, while sharing a meal we already planned on eating. What a way to feed two birds with one scone.

Benefits of eating at the table 

family eating at the table

Furthermore, taking time away from the many distractions in a busy home and consciously sitting at the table to eat can prevent weight gain. Studies show that not eating while distracted prevents overeating. So taking a small amount of your time to spend time together and have a break from the screens not only improves your family bonding (which in turn creates better mental health for the whole family), also improves your physical health by creating a more mindful dining experience preventing overeating.


Not just a place to eat 


Creating a space for a dining area in our homes is also wonderful for creating the opportunity to entertain, relax, share food, drinks and stories with all of our friends and families. Once you’ve got everyone together, why not take advantage of the great fun that can be had from board games.


Board games are making a come back and when you realise the benefits that come from such a fun experience, it’s clear why. It builds in-depth relationships, enforces cooperation through teamwork and strengthens mental health through the release of endorphins leaving you feeling compassionate, happy and peaceful. As well as triggering creativity and self-confidence allowing the shy and timid to have a chance to feel included and increased self-esteem.


Board games also have the power to strengthen and enhance brain function through stimulation of neuron connections in certain parts of the brain through problem solving, strategy building, and decision making.



A dining room table isn't just a place to sit or store things. It's a place where our busy worlds slow down and we are reconnected with one another.

Do you use your dining room table for family time?



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