Stain resistant furniture

Stain resistant furniture 

What’s the big deal about stain resistant furniture?
Let’s face it, accidents happen. Even if you don’t have a two year old tornado running around. We are still humans and we make mistakes. So I think the best bet, is to stick by the old saying “prevention is better than a cure”. If you have kids, it is a no brainer. This protected fabric is amazing. Nobody wants to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on stunning furniture, to have it decorated with greasy hand prints and spilt juice. The level of protection is next level. 
Boucle fabric dining chair
We performed a test by pouring cooking oil, soy sauce and water directly onto the fabric surface and as you can see in the video, it beads straight off. I have provided you with the instructions to maintain and clean these genius waterproof/stain resistant chairs below. 

How to maintain the stain resistance/waterproof fabric

There is a small amount of maintenance that is required. However, it is very easy and effective. 
1. The number one step to maintaining the protection in this material, is to regularly clean it.  
2. For the protection to last, you will be required to re-apply a coating of fabric protector. This will need to be repeated every 12 months roughly, depending on the brand you choose to go with. A very commonly know product is Scotch Guard. 
3. It is important to understand how this protection works, to be able to utilise it to your best advantage. Firstly, apply an invisible coating on the surface of the fabric. This invisible coating repels liquids, dirts and grime, making it harder for them to penetrate through to the unprotected fabric. However, it is important that you try to clean up any spill/mess as soon as possible. Leaving it for too long and continuing to use the furniture without cleaning it up, may result in forcing the stain to penetrate through to the deeper layers of the fabric.  
4. Maintaining your stain resistant furniture will expand the lifespan, by protecting the furniture against premature wear and tear. It will also keep the fabric looking new, as well as feeling soft and supple for longer.
Kitchen stool stain resistant

How to clean stain resistant/waterproof fabric 

Regular cleaning is a great way to keep your fabric in the best possible condition. 
- Vacuuming is perfect for preventing build up of the dust and dirt and will help keep the invisible coating clear of excess build up. 
- Giving the fabric a weekly dust is also great for optimised protection. The less build up of dust and grime, the less chance of weakening the protective coating.  
-It is perfectly safe to wipe the fabric down with a damp cloth. However, avoid using the furniture whilst it is damp. 
- If you do come across a stain that penetrated the protective layer and has become a deep seated stain, you can hire a professional to perform a hot water treatment. These treatments have been known to be very effective. However, it is a good idea to retreat the fabric after having the treatment done as these treatments can break down the protective coating.  
- When you do have a spill, attend to it as soon as possible. Simply place a paper towel over the spill allowing it to soak into the paper towel. Avoid placing any pressure onto the fabric as this may result in pushing the spill through the protective layers. 
Cleo Dining chair stain resistant
If you continue to maintain your furniture as per the above recommendations, there's no reason it shouldn't last a lifetime (or at least survive the kids).

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