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Background of Sara 

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Ever wondered why those special homes for sale look so good? Queue Sara James, owner and creator of Perth Style Company, Perth’s leading Real Estate Stylist. After a successful career in property finance Sara jumped at the chance to harness this knowledge and utilise her advantageous professional network to make her mark on the Perth property market. Eight years in the biz, and Sara has taken Perth Style Company  from a start up concept to a seven figure  business as well as designing and manufacturing  a furniture range of her own. Sara is now a leading educator in her arena and a regular in Perth media. Training clients and industry professionals alike in her forward thinking approach.


Wondering if you need something more for your dining room? 

Look no further. Sara James, owner of Perth Style Company has very generously provided us some inside knowledge, along with some amazing expert tips and tricks. 



How do we dress our dining room furniture? 

We love fresh greenery and the opportunity to bring life to a space. Oversized leaves look amazing and add drama. 

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We’ve all heard of the saying less is more, is this true in the design world when it comes to the dining room? 

Less is absolutely more! Dining rooms are not meant to be complicated. Keep them oh so simple and use symmetry to create easy balance. From here, just add people! Dining spaces are the heart of the home following the kitchen, here loved ones congregate and make memories. The room should support this. 

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When it comes to colour in the dining room, do you have a rule that you stand by? 

I will always choose up to three consistent colours when styling a home and repeat them throughout. This applies to the dining room selections also. Large artwork and table décor are effective ways to bring colour to the space without investing in coloured dining chairs for example that may date quickly. 

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When it comes to smaller apartment living, do you have any space saving tips to help the space look larger? 

Yes, round dining tables are perfect for apartment living but glass is the winner here. Glass top tables will give the illusion of space and not define the space like a heavy solid material would. 


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What's the most common mistake you come across in people's dining rooms? 

Firstly, I see dining rooms being used for a variety of weird and wonderful purposes other than meals and actual dining.

Most commonly mistakes I see are regretful purchases and boo boos on size and scale. You might fall in love with something in the store but you have to triple check the measurements and ensure it’s going to work in your space. 

  • Does velvet fabric work for meals time in our growing family? Probs not!


  • I love the table but the chairs are so low I can't reach to eat. 


  • The arms of the chairs are so high they can never be tucked under the table. 


  • The chairs are so squashed against the walls you can’t squeeze in and around the table. 


Do you have any tips/insight on up and coming trends? 

Curves are the new black and we continue to see curved furniture designs hitting the market. People are also opting for very natural elements to their finishes. Timber, linens, marble, limestone and travertine are very on trend for 2022. 



Tips to up-style a room and keep it affordable? 

I’ll always advise clients to invest in staple pieces that work for their lifestyle and that they really really love. You can always mix up your style and theme with the finishing touches as trends change. 

As a generation we are not buying furniture like our parents did. We have access to so many products now and home trends are changing every five or so years. Consumers demand fast and on trend products now and don’t invest in the same quality as they did 30 years ago. Today the product is used to death for three or four years and replaced as they relocate home or the trend changes. It’s a different market and mentality to what it was. 

When we talk affordability and sustainability second hand furniture is unbeatable. With tools like Facebook MarketPlace in the palm of our hand it’s never been easier. Bagging a bargain is a wonderful feeling and you’re doing your bit for the planet. 



What are the risks of mismatching furniture?  

I’m not the right person for this question! Mismatching sends my OCD into overdrive! Cohesive, repetition in the home brings calm and this is a design principle I live by. 

Saying that I often see mismatched furniture, particularly dining chairs and they do work and can look very cool. I think it is a personal choice. 



Is there a rule of thumb when choosing a round dining table vs rectangle? 

There are a few factors to consider when choose your table;

Layout and the shape of the room.

Where the dining room is placed in the floor plan of the home. 

How many bedrooms the home has and how many people the table will need to seat is important. For example a round four seater is not going to work in a 5 bedroom home. 

The electrical plan and what is happening on the ceiling also need to be considered. Long rows of lighting or bulk heads will warrant a rectangular table, whilst a singular drop pendant will call for a round. 


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Thank you!

A huge thank you to the amazingly talented and inspiring Sara James! We are so lucky to have had you share your insight into the design world with us! ❤️

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