How to care for your Eucalyptus furniture

How to care for your eucalyptus furniture


How to clean eucalyptus furniture 

cleaning furniture

  • Regular cleaning is important, especially for your outdoor eucalyptus furniture. Because the furniture is outside, it is exposed to the elements of the outdoors. Such as rain, sun, dust build up or even animal/bird droppings. 
  • When cleaning your furniture, use soapy warm water and a well wrung cloth. Making sure the furniture is maintained as dry as possible, as this will prevent damages caused from water eg. swelling or staining.


What to avoid with wooden furniture 

  • Avoid placing cups, glasses, mugs, hot pots etc. onto eucalyptus surfaces. Using coasters or place mats can make a great impact in preserving your beautiful furniture. 
  • Avoid using strong chemicals. Some cleaning products contain extremely strong chemicals, using these types of chemicals could cause discolouring of your furniture and may strip away the protective layers.
  • When writing on paper, always make sure to use some form of protection/padding under the paper. This will prevent the writing penetrating the tables surface or ink seeping through the paper onto the furniture surface. 


How to maintain and enhance eucalyptus furniture


  • The beauty of this wood is that it is quite low maintenance. However, to keep it in a pristine condition for as long as possible, I recommend the following steps; 
  • Using outdoor furniture covers is a great way to further protect your furniture from the harsh Australian elements.
  • Follow the cleaning instructions above on a regular basis.
  • Ideally, position the furniture in an undercover area. This will protect it from direct sunlight and rain. 
  • Yearly maintenance - It’s a great idea to check and tighten any screws, if there are any. If your furniture has been exposed to direct sunlight or harsh chemicals, which has resulted in fade or damage to the furniture's finish, you can sand the wood. Depending on the finish of your product, you can re-oil, re-wax, re-paint or restain. I always recommend doing a patch test in a hidden area of the furniture before choosing your desired finish. Doing this will prevent you ending up with an undesired colour.


Benefits of maintaining eucalyptus wood


  • Over time, any type of wood that is exposed to the Australian outdoors environment is bound to warp. Taking the time and care to maintain your furniture will delay the timing  that this happens in. 
  • Prevention is better than a cure. Following the maintenance that I have recommended will save you from having to refurbish your furniture any time soon.


Why choose eucalyptus

 Eucalyptus stools

  • It is an attractive yet affordable timber. Hence the popular usage for it in outdoor furniture.
  • It requires a small amount of maintenance in comparison to similar types of timber.

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