Bring Dining Back To The Dining Table

Is your dining table functioning how you want it to

What does your dining table look like right now? How much of what’s on it, actually belongs there? Kids school bags, some random socks, maybe a fruit bowl, three sets of car keys and someone’s iPad may all have other homes in your house, but the dining table will inevitably end up being the communal dumping ground for everyone’s ‘stuff’.

 Dining table

But what happens when your dining table is one of the biggest investments in your home? You spend good money on a high quality, beautiful feature and it’s currently only functioning as a secondary sleeping spot for the cat and a great folding table for the laundry. Delux Dining tables (although great surfaces for all these extra functions) are beautifully crafted to ensure you will want to show them off in all their glory and utilise them for their sole purpose; bringing the family together for a treasured dining experience everytime.

Delux Dining dining table

So how do you bring the dining back to the dining table

  • Make It Known
  • Make The Effort
  • Make It Worth It

Make It Known

Dining table rules

If you have a big family or teenagers, the reason your dining table is a household drop zone is probably because no-one in your home knows how you feel about the table being used this way. Tell everyone in the house that you intend on clearing the table and keeping it this way, using it only for family dinners and special occasions. Breakfast and snacks are also welcome, but their latest school artwork and a power drill from the shed are not. Don’t expect results overnight, but I find that removing these items to an undisclosed location via a sweeping arm motion and large washing basket works wonders. 

Make The Effort

Make the effort dining table

You want this change; you need to make the effort to enforce it. Clear the table and decorate it minimally to emphasize your new intentions and keep an eye on it to ensure it stays that way. This piece of furniture was previously there primarily to serve your family (and pets) as some kind of personal belonging depot point, so they will need time to adjust to the new expectations, especially if you have very young children. Keep homework and art work to a desk space, having a special file or draw for school work, works a treat.  Have washing sorted elsewhere, try to get into the habit of putting washing away as soon as it comes off the line. Keep phones and house keys somewhere they are less likely to scratch the table 

Make It Worth It


You’ve made the effort to keep your table clear and functional, so now make it worth it. Show your family what great memories can be made around a dinner table, or how nice it can be to have a space designated solely for the purpose of sitting down and enjoying a meal.  


Want to Know More About Creating Beautiful Dining Spaces

Delux Dining showcase a superior range of stunning dining tables and chairs to mix and match to suit any style and budget. Find your perfect dining table that will make you proud to show off and contact the team at or on (08) 9468 0180 today. 


Written by Clancy Russell

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